solar+roofing contractor

Roofing + Solar, why it matters

We are not a volume solar company that turns a blind eye to your roof.

We are a custom roofing company that consults you on the options of solar.

Our C-39 and C-46 licenses are both held by our co-owner, Buck Wilcox.

Of the thousands of licenses issued in CA,     only 2% of companies own both in-house.           

This is a source of total pride for us, and we hope the single source experience provides you with immense value and peace of mind.


Recessed tile solar installation


solar family

SunPower Advantage

  • Record setting 22.8% panel efficiency

  • More energy produced per roof space

  • Leading 25 year warranty

sunvault sunpower backup battery storage


  • Dedicated SunPower system  storage

  • Modular - 3 days of storage*

  • Only through SunPower dealers

commercial solar technician

SunPower Helix

  • Predictable long-term savings

  • Dependable power solutions

  • Smart asset management


    Volt has taken a Modern approach to solar

rooted in traditional values.


We are unique for you because:

1.  We sell within our construction capacity.

2. We focus on genuine relationships.

3. We are available and easy to contact.

4. We are roofers at heart, giving you expert solar options.

5. Our sales team is in-house.

6. We perform 100% of our work.

7. We are a continual improvement "Lean" company.

8. Our goal is to remain "mid-sized" and family owned.

9. We minimize our overhead to maximize your value.

10.  We put forth our best effort.

How we do not

We have worked for, and fixed, roofing and solar by the "other guys" throughout our career.


We learned not to do these things to you:

1. Chase sales volume out of ego and beyond capacity.

2. Sell and disappear. 

3. Burden you with having to chase us for communication.

4. Install solar over failing roofs.

5. Disconnected outside sales that don't get construction.

6. Use subcontractors (roofers and solar installers).

7. Fail to learn from our mistakes.

8. Quantity over quality.

9. Bloated overhead with non-value added expense.

10. We don't cut corners!

solar panel roof mount